Should I give him space?

I asked him how he's doing and he said he's going through some things so I asked if I could help him in any way and what happened he said not to worry about it I said that I'm already worrying and asked again he said nothing don't worry about it again so I said okay. I don't know what I should or could do. Should I leave him alone? I want to be there for him but I don't know if he needs me or not.


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  • give him space but let him know that if he wants to talk about it that you are here for him. that way he knows you care without you being overbearing.

    • How should I say that so that he knows I'm not pushing it? I asked him twice already what's up and then said okay after the second time he said it was nothing. So I feel like saying it again we seem overbearing?

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    • you can still say it. just let him know that you are here for him if he needs to talk and that you look forward to your date on Saturday.

    • after that give him a little space.

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  • Yes give him space. By hounding him about what's going on will only push him away further, regardless if your concern and actions are from a genuine place. You've asked 2x and he still doesn't wanna open up, so leave it at "ok well I'm here if you wanna chat" and let it go


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