First kiss!!! It's urgent.

my crush-ian,proposed me a week ago. he has invited me to dinner tonight on a date of course.there are chances of getting my first kiss!can you please give me some nice kissing tips and what do guys like most while kissing?please help, the date's tonight!

c'mon I need more suggestions please.guys,even you should answer.its my need of the hour.
anymore suggestions?
my date went really cool.i got my kiss.thanks to all.


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  • Awww! First kisses hey? Aww there not always what its all cracked up to be, I love kissing don't get me wrong but it takes me a while to get used to the person I'm kissing. Anyway, Its all about the body language and eye contact, If he flirts with you, Flirt back, at the end of the night will probably be when he may try and kiss you, however he may be shy so look at his body language. Try and look out for him looking at your lips, If he looks at your lips it means he wants to kiss you. I would say its best to have your first kiss when you both are alone. As I said watch out for body language. That is the key thing! For a first kiss just stick to a standard kiss, No tongues yet. (Unless you feel confident enough of course) When you come out of a kiss look in to his eyes and smile. :)

    Have a good time!

    • Thanx soooooooooooooo much.

    • Aww PixelSmile, great advice :). I'm engaged and I haven't had my first kiss yet haha. We'll see how it goes huh.

    • Thank you :D

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  • He proposed to you...and you haven't kissed yet. WOW. just wow. Sorry I have no tips, just in shock that's all.

    • Ok so do you have some problem?

    • It's just crazy in my opinion. Who in their right mind would propose to a girl when they've never kissed. That's all. I don't mean to sound too harsh, but damn...that's ridiculous. Plus you're not even 18. It's just too fast is all.

  • Awww that's sweet did you like it or was like kissing a frog lol

    ewww you got cooties now lol

    • It was sweet and I loved it!!

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    • Excuse me,this isn't the was cute and happy but its just begun.and my I know who are u?

    • Hey can you add me as friend?

  • If you have any flem, try to get that in there. Otherwise, just slobber all over him and try to bite his tongue/lips.

  • Meet him half way have to be close enough, put your hands around his waist or neck, move closer he should meet you half way, you tell him with your actions that you are ready for a kiss. Tilt your head, eye contact is important. Or you could hug him and kiss his neck and then cheek and move closer to his mouth and wait for him to meet you or just hold right near his lips like almost touching. Smile, eye contact and enjoy, hopefully he tastes nice and you like him. Or it might be like kissing a cold fish, lol cooties...


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