Should I Pull Away From Relationship Some?

Dating my boyfriend for 5 months... The way he made feel was great! Texting all night, Calling and hanging out. Then the I love you words were said. He was sharing very Intimate details with me about his life. Like really opened up. For the last month it has definitely simmered out! I don't feel all that special anymore at all I mean Not even No Attention. I even tried to express the way I felt through a text about the communication but he never replied.. So recently I blocked him out for 2 Days..(No Contact)... Then he text me that last night of why I haven't checked on him...😒.. I was not mean... I just asked how was he... But!! I do feel like that 2 days has gotten his attention

Although he's not asking for Space should I just Back Away and give it to him like I did for those 2 days? Should I completely put this relationship last in my life and not make it a priority?


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  • you shouldn't do the no contact and you shouldn't do the back away. both are manipulative and examples of playing games

    simply tell him how you are feeling. express to him that you feel like distance has grown and you are concerned that it means something about the relationship.

    • I took your advise and was just straight Foward with it. We didn't argue about it and he said he dont mean to be so anti social.. he said he rather see me then text and call... which he came over right away and we talked about it..

    • sounds great. hope things continue to on the right path.

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  • The honeymoon is over.

    The first couple of months in, it's all new and exciting. You live for those texts, you want to be with the other person all the time.

    Then, real life takes over again. The person remains important, but the need to breathe each other's air fades. The relationship actually solidifies into something real. It becomes part of life rather than life itself.

    The honeymoon phase is different for each person and each relationship. Once it's over, you either consciously or subconsciously choose to remain together. Some bounce out once the excitement is over; they crave the "new car smell" as it were. These are your serial daters, your commitment phobes and so on.

    It's up to you to decide if the reality is worth it or if it's time to seek out new fun. In other words, this may be your guy's "norm." If so, you need to figure out if it's something you can adjust to.

    I've been with my guy a year and a half. I adore him, but sometimes I realise I haven't texted him all day, or heard from him, either. Life happens. I trust in our relationship enough to know the strings may stretch, but they always remain tied.


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  • If you've been with him for only 5 months and you decided to play games that early with him, I doubt it's going to last in the long run. Sorry to say that, but that kind of behaviour destroys relationships.

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