Why girls aren't interested in me?

I am 18, almost 19, and I never even had a kiss in my life. So needless to say Im also a virgin. The thing is, girls aren't interested in me. At all. No girl ever liked me, and there isn't a girl on this planet who would be with me. They were always interested in literally every other guy except me. And I love girls. I have a strong desire for a girl, for making out, for sex. But obviously I will never find out what those things feel like. I just dont know what the fuck to do anymore? Its very frustrating and its ruining my whole life. Also, very important, I DON'T want bullshit like "it will happen to you too" and such comments.


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  • Take control of your own life/destiny, whatever you wanna call it. Consider why they aren't interested perhaps? Now I'm not saying go & change into someone you don't want to be, but a little change is good as long as it's for the better. Take care of yourself physically & emotionally. Eat right, exercise, be happy, get the heck out to where you can meet women. Go hiking, volunteer, walk your dog in your neighborhood, go to a coffee shop (stay off your electronic devices there), try something new, & try to get comfortable in your own skin. Try to be optimistic about your life because no women is looking for someone that's going to bring them down. Smile & learn what makes you happy & hopefully you will find the women to share your happiness with. I wish you the best of luck.

    • I went through more change than you or anybody you ever met in your life. I trained 3 sports, 2 martial arts, I play guitar and do a few different kinds of art. I used to be bald, have short hair, long hair etc. I also chabged many social circles and went out to a bunch of different places. Ni girl ever liked me.

    • Can you read every woman's mind? Women aren't very vocal to guys about what they like unless they're very confident. I personally would never ever tell air show a guy I like him unless I knew for sure he was interested in me. It's dumb I know, but sometimes you just have to put yourself out there. Have you let your interest be known to women you have been interested in?

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  • A key adjustment I think you need to make is to embrace the idea that attraction is largely instinctual. It's also not rational (if it was, everyone would be hooking up with their ideal long-term partner and we wouldn't find all these people complaining that their boyfriend/girlfriend sucks).

    It's also likely something evolved over millions of years of human existence. That doesn't necessarily mean awesome qualities today like being a nerd with a well-paying job is suddenly going to make you a hit among ladies, even if such a nerd could make a great husband.

    Try to imagine a small human tribe. They're social creatures who need to cooperate to survive against the harsh conditions. What type of man would be most respected among the people in that group, most looked up to, most admired, envied, well-liked, followed, possibly even feared at times? Try your best to become that man, and you can seriously turn things around.

    It's also worth noting that your odds of success rests with numbers. If you lack some of the qualities above, you may need to try your luck with many more women. So it helps to find the right kind of social settings to expose yourself to many, and also ask girls out on dates sooner. Laugh off the rejection if it happens and you have little to lose.

    • Yes, but not all guys are "most looked up to, most admired, most envied" etc yet they all find girls with ease. Even guys who are considered complete losers by everybody. And Im not considered a loser yet I couldnt find a girl if my life depended on it

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    • I am gonna give up on life since I will probably kill myself in a year or two from now. I am a failure in all aspects of life. But yes, I will try that. Thanks for everything

    • Trust me, life will be good if you try either of these. #1 is far better, but at least try #2 before you consider yourself at rock bottom (where I'm from prostitution is legal).

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  • Well for one. You're talking about girls like they are a thing, a sex object. Most girls don't like that.
    Two. Have you ever asked a girl if she likes you? Have you ever asked a girl out? If not how do you expect to get one?

  • I can't be able to tell what's wrong with you. You haven't even described yourself.

    • 6,2 tall, about 190 pounds, a guy who trained multiple sports and martial arts over the years, I also play guitar and do a few different kinds of art. I used to have short hair, long hair, I was even bald at one time. I also changed the way I dress a couple of times over the years. I go out on a regular basis, I have 2-3 close friends and a bunch of people I know and I can go out with for a drink etc. Im not some nerd or weirdo or whatever. If you want to know about something else, ask

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