He said we are dating exclusively but withdraw right away?

We've been dating for 3 months and he hinted we are exclusive in the past, but I just had to confirm with him. His first reaction was OF COURSE WE ARE! On the same day he introduced me to his roommate and we all chatted for an hour or so.

He is going through a lot recently, however I feel like he is slipping away. As he didn't say have a good day when I left the next morning, kiss was shorter than usual. All he said was see ya.

He did text me that night to thank me for my birthday present and said it's very sweet of me x Our text used to be at least 1 page long...

I responded and sent him some photo of that day. he responded part of the text and thanked me for the photo and said he is glad I didn't see the naughty photo of us. x

I wrote back but was a bit close off as I didn't want to seem needy. I know he is very busy because he is going through several projects... it still makes me uneasy looking at those sign.


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  • Didn't you say he is busy?

    He said you are exclusive and that's not enough reassurance for you? He is going to dump your insecure ass soon.

    • He is busy and I'm not expecting to see him often. I'm just saying if his text is now cut short then its ok fair to expect it would increase in frequency.

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  • Many times when someone is 'Going through a lot recently' in their own lives, they get very Distracted and things can sure Change in a Heartbeat with some Defeat in a Dating situation. Even in a Real Relationship.
    It has Happened to me here, dear, where I had a lot on my own plate and when I was with my husband Online, back home from Egypt and away from him, I was Not myself sometimes, I was very off in another world, where many times, i didn't feel myself nor Feel like being with him Many times when he woulkd come find me. It put a damper on our relationship. And with not always being there for him, it kept him more on his toes to always come looking for me or trying to communicate with me.
    For now, being you Know that you both have been together for '3 months' and hopefully Counting, be patient and understanding, keep up the Open Lines of Convo as much as you can, and if there is Something that needs addressing, sit him down and have a talk so you can both stay on the same page.
    And while you are at it, it's still New, Keep the Coals burning by always Trying to keep it New with him and You... Find little ways to Keep this Relationship a Chase and a Challenge so he knows that you are Not sitting around waiting for him neither. It's just one More Chore he may look forward to, even if and when he has Heavy loads with his own job.
    Good luck. xx

    • Your right about "not being yourself " during stress. He did apologize to me last time saying he is not normally such a bad communicator.

      I did try something new in bedroom but I do need to mirror his effort. Meaning pull back and don't prioritize him more than he does for me n

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    • Ah, yes, tha tis true.. Yes, space with no face, I guess he needs this and has let you know that This is another part of his traits when in stress mood.

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, sis, and I am quite confident that you will Be Confident enough to do what is right. xx

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  • and yet he has sent all the right signals asking for time off to hurtle & not fail (esp. in your eyes) his quests, thereafter getting to spend more time with you, as he has promised himself to get through this abyss

    • did i miss something? when did he ask for time off?

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    • If it were me, I would invite myself over or push his door bell but with comfort in hand, e. g. fav sandwich or something else designed to alleviate stress, then leave inside of ten minutes so he can "get back to it" unless begged to stay longer.

    • I would if i could... i don't even when is he home.. I do care for him, but I also want open communication. as he said "you must be annoyed and frustrate" I was annoyed but confused. as I can't read his mind. and also at this 3 months mark I like a guy to be really intersted and to want to see me. OR make a plan to see me if he is busy.

      Also I like him to say if he is off the radar next time just let me know prior. just more communication.

      I'm not having a go at him, but if I don't tell him it's gonna keep coming up?