I need advice. ?

Okay so I've living witht this guys for a little bit over a year now.. Our relationship hasn't been all that great it has had more downs than ups but im still with him because he has mental problems & i dont want anything to happen to him brcause i obviously care for this person.. Latley I've been thinking about one of my exs of 3 years & like I don't know what to do like he has hit me up saying that im always going to be his baby & that he hasn't forgot about everything that we've been through & yeah like it just sucks knowing that i will never get to have any sort of relationship with him because he's married & he has a baby on the way.. I kinda just needed to vent im sorry.. Not a question but i just needed to hear that outloud while typing


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  • Follow your heart. there's no point in a realtionship if its unhappy


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  • What kind of mental problems does he have?

    • Its like depression & anxiety & like he will freak out sometimes & like just start to shake & she gets all scared & he says he feels like he's lifting out of his body & he just gets so scared & cries & i calm him down like i comfort him & he's just screams like no no im so scared is everything okay & im like yeah baby you're fine.. Shit like that

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    • Please note that I'm not judging here I'm just curious... how did you fall in love with a guy like this? Did you know about this side of him in the beginning?

    • Well we were friends first.. I lived an hour away from him & like man we would talk on the phone for hours like i kid you not we eould talk for like 12 hour we wouldn't let each other sleep.. & like one day i was like dude im tierd of talking on the phone & he's like come over i dont have a car & at the time i was 18 i had barley gotten my license & i was like okay ill go tomarrow night & i fucken snuck out of my house ahah like shit was intense & it was my first time driving on the freeway ! An hour away ! It was raining like fuuuuck ahaha & then like I don't know we met & he hugged me put his arm around me & took me into his room i spent the night there my mom called the cops they couldnt do anything cause i was 18 & then i just kept on seeing him & he told me he had problems & i didn't care i told him i wasn't going to leave him & that i was always going to be there & i did.. We moved in together & now we have 2 dogs & a house together