Girls, Why are these girls[20-27/F] at work making fun of me[27/m]?

So i work at a call centre, and i've only been there like 2 weeks, and for a few times everyone around me stops what they are doing and listens to what im saying on my call, so literally 7 people stop what they are doing and listen to my call its kind of weird.

Also the two girls call them L and Y, are sitting right behind me and i catch them imitating my Australian accent, and they always make fun of me because i say a certain phrase at work all the time, and today i caught them talking about me, then i turned around and make fun of myself then got them both to laugh at what they were saying at me, i really don't care what anyone says about me because i've been through a 1000 times worse before.

Also the guy next to me A, told me after a call that both L and Y keep "taking the piss out of me" then i looked back and Y said no i like what you are saying, and L said i like what you are saying too and you sound really confident. Then later on Y asked me what nationality i was, and i wasn't going to tell straight out so i told them to guess, and then Y asked L to guess, then they kept making jokes and stuff.

Then today, Y asked me "do you have a girlfriend" i said no, then Y goes to L, "remember how you wanted me to ask (me) if he had a girlfriend" (i don't know how much of this was bullshit) but then Y goes "Did you know L is single too", then L goes "yeah we should go on a date or something, whats your number" I had my back turned, because i was busy working still, but i wrote down my number and gave it to Y to give to L because she had her back turned.

What does all this mean. Are they messing with me? Its been 3 days and L hasn't called me...

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  • Well some people find Aussie accents very hot so one of the girls like you.


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  • They like you