Online dating... ghosted? What happened?

I'm new to online dating but I joined one of the websites for a brief trial. Most of the guys who messaged me were at least 20 years older than me - not what I am looking for. But finally a guy my age who was cute and nice messaged me. We exchanged quite a few long messages and it seemed like we have a lot in common. My trial was ending so he gave me his cell phone number so I texted him and he texted me back and then I replied and I haven't heard from him since.

Did I do something wrong? Is this normal for online dating? Why did he bother to give me his cell if he was no longer interested?


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  • How long has it been?

    Honestly, give him at least 2 days. Might be busy or have had something come up.

    • We messaged all day yesterday and then today nothing.

    • Give him another day. Keep moving on with your life in the meantime.

      Sometimes stuff happens. Until you know for sure, give him the benefit of the doubt. :]

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  • Unfortunately it's gotten pretty common these days. Instead of being upfront and letting you know they are no longer interested they just ghost. You could try texting him one more time and she if he responds. Maybe he was super busy that day? But if he doesn't respond again I would move on

  • Who knows why he didn't respond. Maybe he texts with lots of women off the website and found one he had more interest in. Ghosting, while its an immature game, happens frequently through online dating. It's very simple for men/or women to ghost these days just because of the avenues available to us to meet new people.

  • These days most people are cowards. Instead of being honest, they just disappear and leave the other person wonder what they've done wrong and even feel responsible.
    About this guy, when was the last time you heard from him?

    • Yesterday evening.

    • Trust me, I would be annoyed too but maybe give him until tomorrow lunchtime. If you don't hear from him, text him then. Be very casual, don't ask why he hasn't texted though.
      But I hope that he gets back to you soon