What is the problem with being alone?

I just realized that we need someone. Anyone who we can share our problems or experiences our good stuffs etc... If u dont have anyone to go whenever u feel really disgusted. what is the meaning of life? Totally meanless. As confession even thought I got so much friend or relatives I m feeling so alone and badly right now. And as suggestion, just do not lose him or her coz whenever u stay alone life always become something so unbearable


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  • The meaning of life is to reproduce, thats the soul purpose but humans are the only species who start thinking of other reasons more emotional and philosophical ones.

    • I think it depends. I mean we all people have different goals in this life right?

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    • It's okay but I do think life should be more than that, live everyday as if you were to die tomorow and enjoy every moment and don't let anyone give you less than you deserve and you deserve good pure love.

    • What about u can not find pure love?

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