Is my boss trying to ask me out?

Hey guys, I could use some advice here please.

In an one-on-one, my boss told me we should meet more often to catch up on things but went on to say maybe we should meet over coffee or lunch, dinner instead. This was not the first time he brought this up. Last time when he mentioned it briefly, I was caught by surprise so I kind of just said I am not sure if that's a good idea (somewhat in a joking way). Is he testing the waters here to see how I am responding and if I am interested in going out with him? Or am I just imagining things?

This is on a note that we get along really well. On a professional level I admire him and he truly appreciates me, always speaks highly of me to others, both upper management and my peers. We also share inside jokes and would discuss our personal life at times.

Thoughts please? Thank you.


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  • YEs.

    • Do you think I should agree to hanging out with him to see what his intention actually is? Could it be just a friendly invitation to hang out? I just don't want to jump into conclusion but at the same time not sure what to do.

    • My advice is poor.

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  • You told us you turned him down already lol

    • Yeah kind of. I didn't flat out turn him down but I guess he might take it as I did.

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  • It does sound like he is trying to ask you out on a date and see if you are interested


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  • 1. are you attracted to him
    2. what's the age difference
    3. does he have money (not that it matters just wondering)
    4. is he married or in a relationship
    5. would you sleep with him/ have a relationship?

    • Hey, we are around the same age, he is 3 years older than me, we are both single. I guess he is living a comfortable life finance wise but I also am :). I think I have a little crush on him to be honest. And no, I may consider dating him but I never did and would not sleep with anyone who I am not in a relationship with.

    • everything sounds good I say go for it, i mean, you don't know it could work out really good! :)