How should I tell her that I don't want to pay?

Lets say we're on a date/hang out and we are not in a relationship. And when the restaurant bill comes, what is a polite way to ask whether if she can contribute for her share? I feel bad because if I was the one approaching a girl and asking her out, it would be super weird if I wouldn't want to pay for her share.


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  • If you can't even pay on a single date at this age, you shouldn't be dating!

    • The age is not accurate, and I don't know how to change it.

    • Age does not come into the equation.

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  • Go to the park. Problem solved.

  • You say "shall we go dutch?" And watch as her opinion of you as a man crumbles. Not because of how you said it, but what you said and how it relates to how much you value her time.

    • I value seeing her, but I just don't want to pay. Ideally I would want to do something that cost less money.

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    • U mean I value what she sacrifices for, right? Yes I do value her time to be on a date. She should value my time to be on a date too

    • yea but because it's kinda normal for the guy to pay, the fact that you expect her to may send a louder message to her than you're intending.

  • IF YOU can't PAY DON'T PLAY!

    • WHAT! We are just hanging out, we arn't sleeping or anything lol

  • If it's the first date, and you've asked her, then that makes you a very tight fisted b****** indeed.
    Hope you enjoy your single life forever.

    • I guess I should suggest fast food because it's cheaper.

    • Are you seriously trying to wind us all up TROLL?