Why doesn't she text me first?

gone on a few dates with this girl. She's admitted to liking me and says she hasn't felt this way in awhile. But I always text first and sometimes she doesn't answer as quickly as I want. I thought girls were obsessed with this type of stuff? Am I just being paranoid? And what is too much texting?


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  • Tayla makes really good points...And yes, you are being paranoid...xoxo Just relax and enjoy the beginning of your relationship...These times are special and if you do end up in a relationship with this girl, you'll want to remember all the firsts...Don't waste your thoughts on negative stuff and miss all the good stuff. Best of luck. Cheers!

    • Thanks so much for your answer!

    • Oh, and to much texting is when it lasts so long that you can't get anything accomplished...Say over 10 minutes...But that depends on her replies...When the answers start to become very short and direct...it's time to say, well got to go, text you tonight...:-)

  • she probably liked it that you text her first. its flattering and makes her feel good about herself. she's probably just playing hard to get. ik I do the same thing. id actually be more apt to text a guy first who I didn't like than one that I did. its because girls want to be chased. when we feel like a guy definitely likes us, it makes us like them more.

    • Really? Wow, thanks. So, texting her today, which I haven't yet, to see how her day is going wouldn't be a horrible thing to do?

    • No...It would be a smart thing to do...Have fun!

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