A guy I was dating reappears after ghosting for 3 months?

Back in January I met this guy on a dating website. Hit it off immediately and went on about 4 dates. The catch is that he lived in Europe and only came to the US for work (maybe a total of 3 months for the entire year). I didn't know this until halfway through the first date, but at that point I was already smitten. We had a connection and I knew that I wasn't imagining it.
The biggest issue being distance, we both knew it wasn't realistic to see one another but he still came to visit; changing his flights to see me, even if just for a few hours. Feelings got way too deep but we both acknowledged that long distance is grueling and we weren't sure it was the best option. Our last texts included him confessing his feelings for me and me basically stating the same. I had never poured my heart out to him about my feeling, but I figured what the hell. After that message, I did not hear from him. He didn't reply and I didn't really know what to feel. I drowned myself in work and school so that I didn't think about him too much. Now 3 months later when I think I'm getting it together and I barely think about him, he messages me apologizing and saying he though that we needed space because feelings were too deep and we would both get hurt. He wants to know how everything is going, but understands if I don't want to speak to him.
My question is why did he wait so long to say something? In a way I understand, but in a way I don't? I haven't replied yet and I'm overall just confused.


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  • He was probably leaving u as an option and when the douchebag ran out of options u were it. He had no choice but to try to make it work with u. Dont give him the light of day.

  • He has no one else right now, that's why he thought of you and used that bullshit excuse.
    Don't reply to him.