What does he want really?

So I've been talking to this guy for around a month and a half ago, we met in the gym, and there we talk normally, have banter and I feel so good but in texts he is way more sexual and it's not something I want.. I really don't know what does he want?


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  • Sexual right off the bat should tell you what he's interested in. A decent dude that has good intentions would get to know you as a person first.
    Are you seeing him as just a potential friend or are you into him but just put off by how aggressive he may be sexually via text?

    • I'm really into him but I'm confused, what is the real him? The texts or the gym?

    • He probably doesn't feel comfortable talking to you this way in person. I would say the texts definitely speak volumes on what he's after, and it's a passive way to figure out how you'll respond to it all and what you're looking for. It's not uncommon behavior but if you aren't wanting something casual sexually with him, then get him to take you out on a few dates and don't offer sex. You'll get a good read on what he's after if he continues to see you w/o it.

    • I'm just scared if I make the move and ask him out he will assume that I'm okay with what he has been saying, if you know what I mean..