Has he officially stop contacting me?

So my boyfriend and I have 6 months have broken up Sunday. He haven't contact me and I haven't contact him. When we breakup he would come back to me, he would send a text or call but this time he has not. On Sunday I text him telling him what I have been telling him for months Which was a long message what need to changed and I just got fed up and said never mind I don't care anymore. I do care but at that moment I was angry because he wasn't doing to change and now I am wondering has he officially stop contacting because I said that I don't care anymore? I know part of me want him to contact me and see what he will say but another part of me don't care because it is his loss.

Please can I get advice on this I would greatly appreciated.


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  • It's over. Doesn't sound like it was good anyway

  • You should move on. You can't do anything to make him change his mind. It's final.