What would you do if your girlfriend of 2 years tells you she dated your brother?

So my boyfriend wants me to meet his family this Christmas and I'm really nervous to go because I dated his brother for 6 months and I never told him (my boyfriend) about it. I just never thought I'd get serious with him so I just never told him and things just got more and more serious and I feared more and more I'd lose him if I did.

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What Guys Said 2

  • During your relationship with your "official boyfriend"? Common sense says during 6 months, you don't just meet up for milk and cookies all the time.

    Provided you cheated on him, this farce would be over.
    If you dated his brother for 6 months Before you got together with your current boyfriend, then that's not an issue.

    It's really fascinating how you say "I worry I'll lose him if I told him". I try to maintain a neutral standpoint, but I just have little to no respect for people who prefer to live a lie. Why? Because it always catches up with them. Always

  • We're done.


What Girls Said 1

  • You're an idiot.