19 year old guy dating a 16 year old (legal)?

So first off it's legal on my state.

Basically this new girl at work is super hot and every guy was like she's hot, I went to go to talk to her, we got along pretty well, kept talking and she's a 16 year old, but also a senior. You could never tell she was 16, she looks like she's in college. What are your thoughts, because I don't know. She's too go to pass up but the age bothers me.


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  • So you JUST met her and think she's "too good to pass up"? What if she's not even single? Or if she doesn't want to date you?


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  • when in doubt, use the 7 years rule!

    half your age + 7 = your lower limit. so if you're 19, your lower limit would be 16. she's right there!

  • I think it's fine.


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