How can I make my boyfriend feel appreciated? How else do I show him I love him?


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  • Focus more on actions than words. Showering him with "I love yous" can start to have a negative effect. Cuddle up to him, be affectionate, take pride in him.

    • What do you mean taking pride in him, how do I do that?

    • It's more a feeling of being proud of your boyfriend. It might show up subtly in places, like you might brag about him a bit when introducing him to your friends. Try to just take genuine pride though, don't focus so much on "showing" or putting on a performance.

    • The real key if you want to sustain a relationship happens when times are tough. It's easy to be affectionate and caring when things are going well. When things get rough, arguments can escalate and escalate until one person can kind of put aside their feelings for a second and be a bigger person.

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  • Kiss him, tell him something affectionate, compliment him, bake him cookies/a cake, get him a present.


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  • Just tell him. Go up to him and kiss him for no reason 🙂

  • Children having boyfriend 😳

    • I'm turning 18 next week..

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