Is there such a difference in giving a real rose vs a Glass rose to someone you're getting to know?

So this guy I had a date with on our second date he gave me a red glass rose that said I love you. Has anyone else received this and what does that mean? He has never told me I love you in person so what does he mean and want from me? I loved it but I just want to know what it means on our first date he gave me a real red rose JUST CURIOUS


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  • Second date, I love you? I'd jump ship.

    • what do you mean?

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    • I'm guessing that is how the rose came when he bought it because he never told me that either how long should we date so it won't be so soon for the 3 word statement?

    • Obviously, but that makes it a poor choice for a gift, don't you, at least in my eyes. And those words should be said when felt, no actual time. I've only ever said it to one woman in my entire life (outside of family), so yeah.

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  • Maybe the florist was closed

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