My boyfriend cancelled plans. Is it wrong that I'm mad?

My boyfriend (26) was supposed to come to my house today (I'm 20). We had decided on this last night. This morning 2 hrs before he was supposed to be here, he tried to find a place to meet up and do something. Today was one of the rare days that he would drive to my house outside of the normal routine. I also couldnt meet up because I had to drop my sister off somewhere in the middle of the day.

Usually it's me who's driving everywhere, so naturally I started to get irritated and told him I'd rather have him come to my house and see what the weather does before going anywhere. He then cancelled plans all together, and a fight broke out over it. I get that I should have at least been more open about my concerns and why I didn't really want to meet up, but the fact that he cancelled all together and only communicated through text message really made me mad. Now he's doing what we WOULD have done together by himself, and I'm upset because my whole day is wasted because I was planning on spending it with him. I feel like I shouldn't have gotten so mad over it, but at the same time I felt like it was unfair for him to cancel plans like I wasn't important or relevant. Should I be mad? What should I do to fix this? We left the conversation as "we need our own space today", but it's not like I get to see him on a daily basis. I'm freaking out in my head!


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  • Not like you had no point, you had every right to be mad. To fix it just speak to him

  • You have the right to be mad..


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