How to deal with this relationship situation?

I met someone online while I'm here abroad. We easily get click to each other. Unfortunately that time I'm don't want to have a commitment so we agreed to have an open relationship. But after a few months I fell in love with him. But I don't want to accept it so I tried to date other guys just to make sure of my feelings. In the end my feelings to him get even more deeper and now after a year I finally accept that I love him so much. But the problem is I don't know if he feels the same way. He said he care for me but he wasn't sure about a future with me. It hurts so much. I become very needy and so jealous. I become paranoid that he will leave me anytime. I cannot work properly because of the depression. I don't want to be like this person I become. I tried many times to stop seeing him but I can't. Now he's back in his country for a vacation and I'm crying like crazy. I cannot calm myself. I don't know why I fall inlove to him so deeply and I cannot control it now. I don't know what to do. Another thing is he's Arab. My friends said that Arab men marry only Arab woman. I'm Asian.


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  • Why dont you ask him how he feels? If he feels the same way as you do

    • I'm afraid. Whenever I say I love you to him he respond I love you too. But sometimes not. For a year that we've been together only twice the he said I love you first. Mostly I am the one that say it first. I'm seriously feels crazy. Even a little things I can notice and make assumptions on it.

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  • Online relationships are so difficult to maintain, its rare they work out. In the end, most people will pursue someone closer to home when they click with them. No matter how he feels about you he'll choose a girl who he can have physical interaction with too, not just online chatting.

    So I'd hold onto your heart for a guy you can hold in your arms. It's more than likely you're heading for long-term heartbreak with him

    • We're not actually online relationship. We usually see each other every weekend. He drive here in my place. We've been doing this for a year. Sometimes I want to stop seeing him because I don't know our future. But I can't.

    • Sorry I misread it. Maybe its best to talk to him and ask him direct how he feels Then you'll know where you stand. You'll be able to make decision of what to do then