So im a little worried.. what are your thoughts?

So iv just started seeing this new woman and within a few days she's already saying stuff like "If I was your wife we would do ______" from having kids to dealing with my kid from a previous marriage.. Everything tells me to run cept my pecker because holy fuck she's amazing... What is your opinion on this matter?


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  • 1. She could be testing you right now to see if you're potential settling down type
    2. ItIt's a girls natural instinct to want to settle down and have kids, some just don't beat around the bush

    • haha hardly... her parents would disown her if they knew and family is everything in this culture

    • Just because her parents believe she is one way but she may be another. Heredity is passed down and kept not beliefs.

  • Dude that's creepy as fuck. Huge red flags all over the place

    • well its honestly nothing new.. for me its kinda normal but just dont know why women do that to me

    • A few days? Not nkrnak for anyone. I think you're attracting the wrong women

    • haha maybe... but she's like the 5th or 6th this years to do it in less then a month of seeing each other

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