Does it matter who initiates texts /calls the most in the beginning? Do you ever feel like you're doing too Much of either?

I kind of feel like I am reaching out to this guy more than he reaches out to me. I tend to check in way more than he does, the last time we went out I arranged it and followed up with him (he suggested the place). I don't get the vibe he doesn't want to ever talk to me or see me. After the last time we went out I asked how his evening was and he said ''it was great and a blessing he found out about the movie we watched or else tonight wouldn't have happened'' - he sounded really enthusiastic too.

He also said we should do something again soon. I casually brought it up the other day and the conversation was short and sweet. I'm just starting to wonder if he likes me as much as I like him. I want to talk to him from time to time but I refrain because I don't wanna seem clingy. I know in the beginning he didn't have a clue I was interested but I have been giving signs and vice versa.


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  • In the beginning if you feel you're initiating too much for every three, five or whatever times you initiate, the next you wait for him to. Never tell him this though,

    • Haha I wouldn't tell himThat's how it seems to be going so far. I message a couple of times and then he'll pop up out of nowhere and initiate.

  • I just do it until it feels cumbersome.

    • Thanks for your response

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