Girls, Crush now avoiding me ?

Ok , sorry for long story but it is essential. So 12 months ago seen this cute girl we instantly took a liking to each other always staring smiling to ourselves, checking each other out. Then I started catching it a lot less due to work and when she least expects it she would see me and look suprised , or once she held these flowers tilted her head to the side and was looking at me smiling acting all smitten. So due to work again I disappeared for months this time. That's when I noticed her starting to make small talk. Walking past to get to the other side of the tram so she could smile etc so staring etc was still in act. So I disappeared again as I run my own buisness I'm busy. So I seen her again this time she was staring like she was Hurt/confused. As I avoided eye contact as I'm abit shy with her as she's unique and beautiful and everything feels very weird when we see each other. Ok so I was on the other carriage and she walked past to grab my attention and as I looked at her we smiled and she blushed. Heavily and said hi. ok so then I disappeared again Coke back two months later but seen her with a guy so I thought maybe I confused her etc. So I didn't add her I just commented hey, you look nice on her Facebook picture. So her boyfriend obv found out but anyway the next day her boyfriend kept looking mopey at me. When he turned the other way she looked me in the eye with the buggiest smile like she was trying to say something. For like 6-10 seconds then a life's when her boyfriend turn back around. I tried to avoid it as he may of wanted to speak so then he tapped me on my shoulder lol and asked if I was such a person I said no he said ok then I'll leave it at that I noticed yet again she was stood there with the biggest smile. Then he must of forced her to message me as it was straight after. Saying my b. f is aware and just because I seen her doesn't mean I should approach but anyway the. She blocked me so I'm guessing he kind of manipulated her


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  • She moved on because you disappeared and she thought she didn't like you

    • You mean thought I didn't like her? And I know that's why I wanted to let her know lol I wasn't planning on corrupting a relationship merely informing her lol

    • Yeah, she thought you didn't like her. Sorry, but it's too late now to say/do anything

    • I know. Well I sent her an apology e Mail to eliminate any tension and stuff which in turn should keep my foot in the door for the future and stop her feeling uncomfortable

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