Falling for a guy at work who is in a relationship :(

Hiya - please need advice

At first it was just emails that he would send me then it progressed to lots of daily emails which I saw as friendship, then texts and calls evening good morning & good night texts progressed.

I have refused to meet him on an evening because of his girlfriend and I thought he was just after sex.

4 months on and I can really feel a spark and closeness which I can't remember ever feeling in any guys I've dated.Every opportunity he gets to be in the same office as me he takes and we know mutual friends who he also asks how I am.

He has bought me chocolates, give a warming hug and kiss on the check which fet amazing:) and remembers little things I've told him and asks how they are going and shows an intrest. And now it just feels like I am falling fo him and like the last 4 months have just happened without me realising what was.

The other day I did tell I'm everything must stop and he realised what he was doing was wrong because he has a girlfriend of 4 years who he never ever mentions.He didn't contact me for a whole day which was our first day not speaking in 4 months Theday after he contacted me and blurted out feelings which were unexpected allittle saying he he likes me but doesn't want to hurt me either and that he came to a 2 way path with his girlfriend and had never expected to feel something like this with someone else and contemplated getting out of the relationship. What to do? half of me says I should find a new intrest before I get too hurt and get attention from someone single but the other half of me says you ony live once I want to be happy and I want a chance with him so should I fight for him.

I just regret not laying my cards on the table for him but I will never take part in anything sexual while he is taken. My friend who knows him says it would be difficult to leave his girlfriend as he would lose his house with her and have to move back to his mom and dads but also says she can see how much he likes me. Any ideas? I just wanna be in his arms :)

*forgot to mention that he still contacting me by text an email constantly again morning and night - all the time ?


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  • this is a bit of an akward situation and I suspect his girlfriend might dump him if she found out about all this . you have to decide if you'd really want to get involved with a guy from work who is willing to cheat on his girlfriend of 4 years ?


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  • If you really like this guy and you are sure he REALLY REALLY likes you, I would suggest you just go for it and do whatever it takes, it seems like he is into you which is good, but make sure that he really would 100% leave what he was for you before you try and make him do it. I also have a confusing situation on my hands if you have any advice for me lol

    • Thanks, I just wish if people wern't happy in a relationship they would end it rather than waiting for someone else to come along! perfect world! I have been so confused to keep replying to him or not;( so Thankyou :) and yeah wil have a look at your question:).

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  • Leave him alone...there's devoted women like me waiting on these men to come home every day..don't be a home wrecker. Be a gal pal and let his woman know!