Musicians out there... Any tips you can give me for this drummer I am talking to? Is flakiness a characteristic of a busy band member?

sooo I only asked this guy out last Monday, online.. We have not met yet. Visually, I know I've got the goods. He's okay.. I more so like his vibe. The thing is, he responded he definitely wants to go out and told me he was open the end of the week... But then the end of the week came and he told me his internet was down as a reason he couldn't reach me. He also does not have a phone since his broke and since he's probably broke, he hasn't boughten one since. I told him to message me to plan something once his internet is back.. He said it would be back up by yesterday and I have not heard anything from him. He seems quiet and shy. I don't see any female activity on his Facebook except a relationship a few years ago. He's 26. I'm 21. I want to meet the guy, and although he tells me he is very into talking more with me and meeting me (we haven't spoken that much online really, just a few messages exchanged about Travel and music), I don't understand why he kinda flaked on me. We live 30 min apart and I would have to drive since he also doesn't have a car. Will he reach out to me in his time or is this just disinterest? Would it be silly to hope he's just busy and is still planning on meeting me?


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  • He's not sincere.

    • Doesn't appear that way huh

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