Why do all the guys break up with me?

Hi everyone...

I don't know why I happen to meet guys who dump me... it's always them and not me... no one has ever wanted to be my boyfriend...

I am quite confident, but reserved at the same time when i start falling in love and when I like someone. I am really bad with expressing my Feelings and I dont like to use all those phrases like "miss you" etc in the first few weeks when I dont even know the Person...

I dont have Problems having sex early on.. i dont really care. if a guy dumps me because of that, he is the wrong Person... normally they dont and they actually fall for my direct Approach and it goes well for a few weeks (including normal Dates) or 1-2 months... also, most are cuddly etc...

then, however, they start to withdraw or start becoming mean to me? As if I had done anything to them... the last guy was all over me, i met parts of his inner circle, he says he misses me (I didn't say it back in the beginning) etc... then suddenly he starts accusing me of not bein interested in him? also that I am hard to read etc? However, he was the one who cancelled on me multiple times. he also told me he was interested in someone else, but then we met up and he acted as if nothing had happenned? he has a lot of baggage, but so have I and it is no fair to treat people that way...

I have to say that I like to take it slow, how can u know after such a short period? I am not seeing multiple People, my life is busy, but some guys dont get that... I am quite direct and I do address Problems and if I dont like something...

so basically, it goes well, then they dump me out of the blue, I accept it, but they always get back in touch? I think it's really weird and I do not react to their approaches, unless I really like someone and he didn't treat me too badly...


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  • The problem is you don't show enough emotion. You care a lot but your not type of girl to express her feelings all the time so maybe they think your not interest because of that.

    • i know... i think that's the Problem..
      one time someone accused me of playing games, but he was trying to make me jeaulous and dancing with another Girl even though we met up, and I jus distanced myself from him...
      later he told me I was playing games... wtf?

      I know that, and I am trying, but if no one tells me, how can I know? some guys like that... why can't they tell me directly? It's much better than those guessing games...
      normally, I dont text with the guy daily... i dont text with all my friends every day anyways and then they assume I am not interested... I prefer face-to-face interaction much more

    • Maybe they're scared that they might hurt your feelings maybe.

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  • It just happens. Not all relationships can succeed. Have they ever given you a reason why they dump you?

    • not really...
      mostly, they start playing games with me and act as assholes...
      i guess they are insecure.

      one guy (no relationship with him) told me I a bit intimidating, because I seem so confident and direct...

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  • I don't know you, so keep in mind that what I say may or may not be helpful.
    You chase guys. You chase the ones you find attractive, the one that have qualities you adore, and you're going into each relationship with the same mindset: "He's probably going to dump me like the last guy" (I could be wrong with this last sentence).

    Frankly, I think you're looking at the wrong men. Because guaranteed there are plenty of guys out there who want to be your boyfriend, but you just brush them aside because they don't fit your expectations / requirements. Try being open minded to men you may not find extremely attractive at first glance.

    Also in terms of "being hard to read", if many guys have told you that, then you're probably hard to read. Saying you're not isn't helping your case. I know you're hesitant with what you've been through, but just try to be more focused on the relationship (not too much to the point where you are needy) and I think that'll help you in the long run.

    Anyways, best of luck.

    • well the thing is they really chase me in the beginning... not me them...
      once they get me (this hard to get Girl), they drop me...(well not exactly like that).
      With the last one, it went well (he was actually a bit needy in the beginning), so I thought it would be fine if I showed him that I cared... it was fine for him to be needy/clingy, but not for me..

  • Because they do not like you.


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