Does my co-worker like me?

I have a huge crush on him. A few weeks ago he watched me while I was texting and said, "That better be an important boyfriend you're texting." As if he was testing me to see if I'd correct him I'm single, but I just laughed and walked away. Sometimes I'll see him looking at me, and when I look over his eyes will dart away really quickly.

I tried adding him on FB but he hasn't responded yet. What subtle things can I do to make him think I'm interested? I keep thinking about him, but I don't want to make a fool of myself being too obvious in case he has a girlfriend or something. We haven't talked much either.


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  • I would've waited to add him to fb if you haven't talked much at all. Has he been on and just not accepted or does he not use it much?
    Either way, don't over analyze the situation based on him not accepting the request right away.
    I'd spend some time flirting with him and keeping him on his toes for a bit;) guys can usually pick up when girls are interested in them. Talking helps as well :p strike up a convo and see where it goes. See if he engages back and asks you questions about yourself. Usually you're able to pick up on how interested they are by doing subtle things like that.