Girls, Girl has boyfriend , big smile when she found out I also liked her?

Ok so quite hard to explain but I hope you can obtain a clear understanding of this. So 1 year ago me and a girl on the train instantly locked eyes and was showing strong signs of attraction I. e flirting etc etc. Staring each other down and stuff. This went on for a few months suddenly getting dressed up etc. Then I disappeared and when ever I saw her eyes would light up , still stare look at me in a cute way if I'm acting shy to sort of say hey come here. Then I disappeared and she would start appearing in front of me and blushing , saying hi basicly walking past to grab my attention which was obv. So I disappeared again as I work long hours. But this time I came back to make my move she seemed anxious as she was with her new boyfriend. They seemed distant she looked like she wanted to get away or wanted to hide? Then I thought ok I like her let's let her know so without adding her I commented on her picture saying hey, you look nice. And then I seen them both on the tram her boyfriend looked mopey. Whilst she seemed happy. When he turned away she faced me and stared into my eyes with the biggest smile ever like a Cheshire Cat. For like 10 seconds and was licking her lips etc. Then when he faced her she avoided. Then I new he was going to talk to me so I got off the next stop then I got on another train and went to the supermarket then bam he asked me if I was such a person I said no. Lol then minutes after I got a message off her saying my boyfriend is aware etc and that just because I seen her on the train doesn't mean I can approach lol weird? As she approached me in the past and chased me when I avoided lol and then blocked me all of which was done when he was with her? I'm so confused lol !!!


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  • So he probably gave her an ultimatum. She chose him.

    • She will do as she actually knows him. its the other signs that confuse me and I noticed that she didn't block me or reply until he seen me again. I'm so confused right now !

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    • I'm not sure but why worry about it. She already told you no. And she has a boyfriend on top of that.. sorry dude but let this one go

    • I am :) I always like to keep my foot in doors though I case she becomes single again

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