Could this guy genuinely just be busy? Should I give it some time or forget him?

This guy, 25, is currently touring and performing with his band, this is their second summer of performing. It seems like they have one or 2 shows per week and he told me he works as well. It's their busy season, as is spring. I noticed in the fall they settle down more, based on my stalking abilities through Facebook.
I haven't heard from him in a few days and we had plans to sometime get together and meet (we haven't actually met yet). But he's gone MIA. I noticed on his band page that they are performing in a couple days again... With another band. I notice they record frequently as well. Could he just be busy? It seems like music is his life. We live 45 minutes away and he also does not have a car. I'm sitting here waiting on him, and his silence to me seems like disinterest but he doesn't know me enough, and he had said he was very interested in continuing to talk to me and see me. Should I give it time? Or would he make time?


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  • f he actually plays in a band he could be busy , they'd have a busy schedule and be on the road a lot. summer is a busy time for a lot of bands , concerts and events they play in every weekend. I agree things will slow down by the fall


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