Why is she doing this, What's the point?

I have this lady i've been flirting with in for a while, she is single and so am i. I like her and she knows this. I also know she is into me big time but she thinks i dont know. So she always plays hard to get and pretends she's not really into me. But i know she is so into me it's actually pathetic and pitiful!! I know that she chats a lot to two of my best friends and they always tell me that she is always asking about me, she wants to know where im at, what im doing, who im with, she's always talking to them about my clothes, making remarks about my habbits and stuff and when im around her with other people she would always call out my name loudly especially in a crowd, as if to announce to the others that im around but whenever i ask her out on a date, she would always give pathetic excuses as to why she couldnt go out on a date with me on that day. On the other hand though whenever i try to ignore her, especially in clear view of others, she gets very upset and would always confront me and ask why i ignored her or didn't say Hi to her. What the fuck does she want? Why are some women so fucking complicated?


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  • Dude that's the 64 thousand dollar question.

  • she is trying to do a good plan to kill you :D Hey man! She loves you and she waits for your invitation for a dinner. What are you waiting for?

    • That's what i thought too, untill i tried to take her out to dinner, she gave some lame excuse why she couldnt go (i had to take her friend instead). Later that weekend i asked her out to the movies, she gave yet another lame excuse and i went to watch the movie on my own. So, not sure what the heck she wants.

    • (i had to take her friend instead) which is a big mistake. Try to show yourself to be interested so much with her problems. Ask many questions to her about herself. You should send a sms message after midnight one times a week.