Guys when you talk to her what's something you like to hear?

I'm just curious what you guys like to hear from a special girl that you really like?


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  • I'd like her to say things like:

    "I don't believe in starting or being a part of drama."
    "I hate spending money; especially your money."
    "I have simple interests and hobbies that don't cost much. For instance, I do mathematical proofs or puzzles for fun."
    "I am low maintenance."
    "I am independently wealthy and you won't ever have to work again."
    "I love sports!"
    and finally
    "My God! You have the biggest, most magnificent dick that I have ever seen! Of course, I've only seen one and that's yours. Will you please take my virginity tonight? Oh, and my hot virgin girlfriend wants to join us."


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  • "Why yes, may I please give you a blowjob, and then please ravage my sweet body until YOU are done and when finished I won't bother you until YOU need me and I won't even fret and go to GaG and ask why you haven't texted me in 59 days and 4 hours. I am ready."

  • Hey, I was just thinking about you.

  • How much she misses me;


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