Girls, do you with these rules on dating?

I was watching beauty and the geek and 2 girls were giving a nerd some rules on how to pick up a girl. She said the following:
1. On the first date, don't talk to her for longer than 10 minutes nor buy her anything (eg, a drink)
2. On the second date, you can her a drink or whatever
3. Always make eye contact
4. Don't approach a girl with a really short skirt (micro skirt I guess)

So, do you agree or disagree


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  • i call b. s. on most of these.

    #1~ on my first date with my now-boyfriend, we spent 12 hours together and talked nonstop for most of it. and he did buy me drinks (not alcohol, but still).

    #2~ on the second date, we had insane sex until 5 in the morning and made supper together. do whatever feels right.

    #3~ yes, make eye contact while you're speaking to each other. but don't stare~ that's creepy.

    #4~ approach whoever the hell you want, whether she's in a short skirt, jeans, or anything else. as long as she's not obviously taken, there's no harm in trying.

    :) <3

    • How would he know is she's taken or not. I often see girls out with their brother, or cousin, and I'm thinking, oh, she has a boyfriend

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    • even if he's not into pda... how does he look at her? how close is he standing? does he put his arm around her shoulders or waist? are they alone, or are they with other people? if they're in a group, how are they interacting with each other vs. the rest of the group?

      even without pda, it's usually pretty obvious if two people are together or "together".

    • Not necessarily

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  • the first 3 make sense, but why the 4th?

    • Thanks for MHO, by the way, you didn't answer me

    • Sorry man. I put it in there because I heard it on tv and wanted clarity on it. To me, it doesn't sense as there' are many girls out there who in summer wear short skirts, on the beach, in the urban or even on the farm.

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  • 1. I don't care about whether they get me a drink or not, but I will be super pissed if someone doesn't talk to me for longer than 10 minutes.

    2. Meh, if they want.

    3. Not ALWAYS, but usually.

    4. Eh, if that's what you want.

  • I disagree, there are no specific rules. If you want to buy her a drink the first date, go for it. If you don't want to buy her a drink the second date than don't. Eye contact is very important, but don't keep starring at her like she is the only thing in the world, it's kinda creepy. nr 4 is true though

  • Totally disagree.

    1. Load of crap, if you stop talking after 10 mins she will think you're not interested.
    2. Buy her a drink if you want, no need to wait til the 2nd date.
    3. This one's not too bad.
    4. Another load of crap. Nice girls often wear short skirts, they might not realise how short it looks on (don't forget skirts often ride up too), or maybe they just lost some weight and want to enjoy it. Clothes have nothing to do with how 'easy' you are, some girls just enjoy dressing up for a night out. This actually reminds me of those people who say rape victims were 'asking for it' because of how they were dressed.

    Beauty and the geek is just TV, and just because a girl is pretty doesn't mean she gives good advice.


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  • i like your 4th and 3th rules

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