Online dating, is it a lost cause or can I salvage the connection?

So I started talking to a girl on a online dating site. It seemed to be going good, had a fair bit in common.

A date was set for the weekend already I continued light questions during the week to keep contact. A date was set but plans to go to the cabin with friends came up and she wanted to reschedule. I tried to set a date but she wanted to see how the weekend goes and we will meet when are schedules workout.

I didn't text much the weekend, we we're both busy so Monday i tried to start conversation with her again. It was ok, she replied quickly but it felt like a forced conversion so I kinda though she was not interested anymore. Next day I tried again but ended up stopped because I'm not interested in bothering her. I kind of left it were I was the last to reply to a conversation so if she was interested she would of continue.

Its now over a week gone by with no communication and Im assuming the connection is a lost cause but I'm new to dating so I am not very experienced. Just wondering if it would be worth reconnecting and try to salvage the connection or just move on?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I personally think you should never give up hope in life

  • Sorry, she doesn't sound very interested.

    Ask her on another date. If she says no (even if she has an excuse) and doesn't suggest doing it another day instead, then she's not interested.

    If she won't arrange a date with you, then stop talking to her and move on.

    Good luck though!


What Guys Said 1

  • send her a message,
    you will get your answer
    you got nothing to lose