Do you think she's waiting for me to make a move?

she just started working with me, and I know she really likes me, and I really like her. She treats me differently then the other guys who just chase her around. She made the first move and we met and broke the touch barrier. I'm a more laid back and private person, so I'll show her I enjoy her presence and I'll put myself out there from time to time. but I really want to just ask her to go somewhere with me outside of work so I can get to know the real her, however we're always either busy or someone else is around and I don't want to make it awkward. I'm now gonna be off for 3 days and realized I might want to see her (a little too late, but 3 days never hurt anything (I don't think). Any advice for when I get back? How long will most girls wait for you to make a move? I'm comfortable talking to girls and asking her out, but I've never been in a relationship or anything so this is all new to me.


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  • Go for it:) if she's showing she's interested in you and you're getting that vibe, ask her.
    She may just be wondering if you will:)


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  • Going out with a girl at work. I smell disaster :)

    Maybe a way to avoid it is to say something on the lines "If I hypothetically asked you out, what do you think you'd hypothetically say?" If she hypothetically agrees, they you can go on with the hypotheticals as much as you want :)

    If she seems a bit offended / disappointed / something similar you have a chance to save by making it very obvious it was a joke and keep being friendly and do exactly the same things as before, in which case she probably wouldn't be creeped out. (Tip: Say it aloud a few times at home, until it feels like you're telling a funny joke and you're laughing about it. Will make it way easier to say it well.)

    If you ask her out plainly and she likes the idea, great. If you ask her out and she's not into it you're turning your workplace in Awkwardtown forever and ever. Or at least until one of you changes jobs.

    And if you actually get together, if the relationship ends (and most relationships do) then the disaster would be even bigger.

    Of course, if at least one of you sees the job as disposable, then go full steam ahead :)

  • It really depends on the girl and how much they like you when it comes to how long they're prepared to wait. But you really don't want to leave it to long. I don't really know what you mean when you say you broke the 'touch barrier' with her, but if you've already touched her in a way that a normal friend might not.. Things like that should show her that you see her more than a friend.. Things like that are good ways to test their interest before you ask them out.

    Anyways, as far as asking her out goes. Don't actually ask her, it's not the most confident way to go about it. Tell her that you and her should go out some time, by doing that you're telling her you want to go out and you're not having to seek her approval.