We kissed...now what?

I really like this guy and we've been friends for a while and we flirt a lot. We were on an overnight field trip and I felt the urge to kiss him. I wanted to kiss him on the lips but I got really scared and kissed his cheek and ran away. The next day we both acted like nothing had happened. We still flirt, but never brought up the kiss. I really like him, but I don't know what to do, and even if he did ask me to be his girlfriend I don't think I could date him because my mother isn't too fond of him, even though she hardly knows him.


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  • Not really a kiss is it. What do you want, who cares what your mother thinks, try flirting, toching, hugging, escalating sexual tension if you want to make him a romantic partner otherwise it will get awkward and you will be stuck in the friend zone.


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