Do you think having Tourette's would make a guy not want to tell a girl that he likes her?

This guy has been constantly looking at me from afar, for years. I recently confessed my feelings for him ( I was so nervous) and he says that it's ok and I have nothing to be nervous about, but he didn't say that he liked me. Even though he still looks at me, he never makes a move, even though I have made the ultimate one. I try to understand his situation because I know that he hides his tics from me.

Reasons why I think he likes me

He stares at me a lot, when I'm not looking: He will be staring and when I look his way then he looks away quick and points toward something like a wall and pretends that he wasn't looking at me. Or he will break off eye contact then bring it back and repeat. One day I even fell asleep and he was watching me with a smile when I opened my eyes.

His brother: I saw him and his brother looking at me and his brother says "Why don't you just go over there and talk to her?".
Of coarse there's the big goofy grin his brother gets when we talk with eachother. Or when we hug and he says awe! Or when his brother tells him to close his mouth (because a lot of times he does stare with his mouth agape). Then there's countless times when his brother points at me as I walk by.

Nervousness: He is out going and can talk to any one, but with me he is always at loss for words and he doesn't make any sense. I am the only one who trips him up. He can talk with other women.

And he does this weird thing where if I do something one week then he does it the next. It's like he's copying my quirky little mannerisms. I have very distinct mannerisms.

I really like him, and I do not care what so-called "flaws" he has, I cherish them. However It's like no matter how many times he looks at me a day it's never enough to make up for when he ignores me and pretends that I do not exist the next. I'm exhausted!

So, do you think that he is treating me like this because he is afraid of letting me know of his Tourette's or do you think he is just not interested?


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  • nah he likes you. he wants you to make the first move. as in STOP TALKING START DOING

    • Oh ok, I already told him that I liked him, so I was kind of afraid that if I kept going after him that I would seem desperate. Thank you so much for your comment by the way :)

    • sure, girls repeatedly tell me they like me, i consent to dirty things, then nothing. just start with friendly hugging, then get more intense if he's not pushing you back.

    • Lol ok, I will try :).

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  • Of course it's going to be more difficult to him. He probably likes you though.

    • Yeah, I would have given up on him a long time ago. But I always have this suspicion that the reason why he treats me like he does Is because he doesn't want me to find out, so I kinda stick around with my heart on the line (at my expense). But anyway thank you for your comment, I appreciate it!👍🏾