Dating the super busy career woman?

I am a divorced single father of two boys, with a blue collar job and an associates degree. I met a woman online who reached out to me, not the other way around, which is rare. She is also in her 40's, with no kids and never been married, with a PhD, and a college dean. New territory, and surprised I've heard from someone from another social economical level than mine. Usually, people stay within their own circles.

We met two months ago, and right away there was a mutual attraction, and we've met 5 more times. We chat for hours on our meetings. She won't let me touch her, (and I don't dare try) which I think is a good sign of high morals. We've made out after our meetings, but that's it, and that's ok. I have no experience with women of this caliber. I've noticed she is extremely intelligent, takes initiative, and is driven, which I like. Not many like that, in my experience. I am very interested, and she knows this.

What is difficult for me to wrap my head around is that after two months, I am not sure where I stand. She's cut our meetings and communication way down, citing a busy time at her work. I haven't seen her in three weeks. I've told her I miss her and am looking forward to seeing her again, and she responds that she likes being told that, and will meet soon, just busy at work, but it hasn't happened yet. I've been good at giving her some space, keeping the text to a 'good morning', and leaving it at that, maybe one or two more brief texts, to keep in touch, and I'll get a brief response eventually, maybe 12 to 24 hours later, but at least a response. Sometimes a call out of the blue, to tell me she's thinking of me, which is nice.

I was wondering if it is unreasonable to be anxious over this, if it's normal for career women, or maybe something else. The confusion is a roller coaster emotionally for me, one I'd like to get off, preferring the merry go round. Just wish she was more expressive and open.



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  • She sound guarded or her career is overshadowing her feelings for u

  • She's no longer interested.


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  • I married such a woman, though she was a bit more available on dates.

    Marriage with her is surprisingly pleasant where we both maintain a state of independence, but also cuddle and hug and kiss on a daily basis.

    One difference in my case is that I am a very frisky type on dates. Provided that the woman is receptive to my touch, my hands are generally going to be all over her, and it's rare that we survive a few drinks during dinner and not end up with me over at her place or her over at mine.

    I don't want to jeopardize what you have with her but maybe that's what's lacking that prevents her from prioritizing time with you. To me women in general seemed to miss me a lot more once we slept together. Until then my dates are usually kind of stale and flat-lined, since I find it difficult to develop that kind of intimate connection with a woman without the physical contact accompanying it.

    I don't know for sure but I think it'd be worth seducing her the next time you meet, unleash some of that inner beast and elevate the relationship from just "pleasant" to something a bit steamy. Of course all with very careful attention to her mood and making sure she's receptive to your touch (baby steps, no bold leaps, but baby steps taken quickly).

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