Is it ok to not be on the same page when you go to kiss someone you just went on a third date with?

On the second date, we had a goodnight peck on the lips. Last night, at the end of our third date, I wanted it to be a more slow, sensual kiss rather than a peck. When I went in to kiss though, I think she expected a peck, so then pulled away, saw I wasn't done, than came back in again with tongue, which I was not expecting and ended up being a bit awkward, but not bad. It didn't go like I envisioned it. Has this happened to any of you before, and will it work itself out over time? I like this girl quite a bit and think she likes me to (as long as this didn't screw anything up with her.)

And what I mean by not being on same page is I expected to kiss a certain way, and I think she was expecting something else.


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  • Awkward kisses are normal at the stage, neither of you know how the other really feels just yet etc.
    Don't over think it ;) I'm sure it's gonna be fine!

    • Ok lol. I'm trying not to over think it. It was only our second actual kiss technically. Just don't want her writing me off because of it lol.

What Guys Said 1

  • Nothing ever goes like you envision it. Nothing bad in that.

    • Haha yes you got that right.