Why do you think he hasn't messaged me since our date?

I had an amazing great first date with a guy Wednesday he was a gentlemen and we really opened up to each other. We spoke for a week via text and he called me one night and spoke for a whole 2hrs it felt like I was talking to a good friend. We did have a kiss in our date and it's just went really well. I didn't hear from him the next day, on Friday I messaged him saying thank you, I had a nice time on our date would he been interested in meeting up this weekend or next week. His response was "when I get back from my warehouse visits I'm sure we can get togther" he works in marketing and retail merchandise.
It's now Sunday I still have heard from him /: .

Now I'm grown and mature but I still l very much have the child like inicence and yes I day dream and hope that they come true and I alwaysm try and services the best in others, especially guys because there is so much stereotypes around how guys are users and cheaters etc. I really don't believe he is like that it's not what came across to me he very much treated me like a lady and respected me. He texted me everyday up till our date so that's why I just don't get what's going on

Should I directly ask him whats up I am losing patience and I don't like to have my time waisted and made to feel the way I'm feeling right now


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  • He is cheating u sorry


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  • It has also happened to me, people are like that sometimes, you think they're really interested, because they actually seem very interested and then suddenly they stop contacting you, I think you shouldn't get your hopes up, that's what I do all the time, so when this happens it doesn't affect me much, the worse thing is you'll never know the exact reason why he never texted back, so don't overthink it too much