Why is it so hard to tell somehow how you feel?

Okay so I have sort of messed up with this guy I've been seeing who I really like. What sucks is that we have zero communication. We haven't talked in two weeks and I think he's upset with me because last time I saw him he was. I have nothing to go on here since there are no communication, he hasn't told me what he's feeling at this point and well he doesn't know how I feel either. Since I really like him I obviously don't want to let him slip away without trying but I'm so scared! I've been staring at my phone trying to figure out what to say but I'm terrified. I want to clear things up and let him know that I like him. Why is it so hard? He could be hating me, he could be waiting for me or he could've moved on. I don't know?


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  • Because no one wants to be vulnerable

    • I know but how do you get over that?