Girl is says she is interested but busy. True or she leading me on for whatever reason?


So I met this girl on tinder, she's real cute and we text often (not a lot tho) I'm trying to set up a date and she always seems busy with work. She's a wedding coordinator, which I'm not familiar how busy they can be. But so she says she is going to be busy all week, I've been trying to set up a date for the past week and a half.

I mean how much wedding coordinating are you doing at 8,9,10 pm and all week? But why would she tell me "I would love to meet up but I'm busy"... so what do I do? Maybe she has another guy?

I let her go, she's too busy. She cancelled a date we had planned for Tuesday night. I'm sorry but I can't wait on someone else like this. Too much work and stress setting all this up, she has to meet me half way. She wants to maybe meet up once a week for "several months" Also this is slow wedding season where I live. She was probably talking to a bunch of guys. She just wouldn't make time for me.


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  • I'm currently dating a guy, we've talked for about 2 months now. It took us maybe 3 weeks before we managed to schedule our first date, because I was pretty busy at that time and whenever it worked for me, it didn't work for him. But it was worth the wait and it's going great so far. Ask her what day would work for her. If you're getting bored of it, just find someone else. If she's this busy, you'd have to ask yourself if she's too busy for a relationship as well.


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  • She's probably being nice and wants to let you down. Either that or she's ACTUALLY busy

    • Thanks for mhg. Sorry to hear about the girl. Maybe she'll come around our something but you should move on

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  • You know summer/fall is wedding season?

    SHE plans and coordinates EVERYTHING about the wedding. If the bride/groom doesn't like something, she has to find something else or fix it.

    SUPER crazy job. {{ One looked into it, but from other people, the stress is astronomical }}.

    - Give this woman the benefit of the doubt.

  • I don't know much about wedding coordinating either, but there's never a such thing as "too busy". If someone truly cares about something, they will make time for it no matter what; it's a matter of priorities. So maybe she does have another guy or maybe she's just not that interested in you all? I don't know. Just keep trying to make dates and if she keeps making excuses than let it go


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