Girls, how would you like to be approached by the opposite gender?

If a man found you attractive, how would you like him to approach you? Or would you rather straight up get a honest answer, "I think you're attractive" answer from him? How does a man get you to fall in love with him without becoming your friend?


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  • Best approach is to utilize clues to figure out one thing about her or her interests and ask about that...

    Example, if she's wearing a band tshirt ask if she's seen them live and if they were good live (if you haven't seen them, if you have ask her if she was at that show recently and what she thought of it, or something like that).

    If you're at a festival or event ask if she's come to something like this before, how she's enjoying it, etc.

    If you're at a sports tournament or something ask how long she's been playing.

    Etc. Etc. Basically, the biggest thing is to show interest in who she IS and not just what she looks like. Even very average women get told they're pretty/sexy/gorgeous/cute/etc so often it gets fucking ANNOYING, so not only do you not stand out as potentially interesting, you also might just poss her off if you're the third guy who's hit on her that night and told her her ass looks great in that skirt.

    • As for making a woman fall in love with you? You can't. Either you are a good match and you'll develop love for each other over time getting to know one another or you won't.

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  • If he finds me attractive and I don't find him nothing I'd rather not even be bothered. I don't believe in love at first sight, so I don't know how people fall in love without becoming friends first

    • But girls don't usually fall in love with their guy friends, it's much more common in men?