What did I do wrong? Please help me someone?

Apart from him never texting me first, whenever we talked he always seemed interested and always hinted at us hanging out in the future- even made plans to see each other Friday because I was busy all weekend and my daughter wasn't with her father until then. Well he didn't text me in two days and I ended up going out Saturday night (I told him I couldn't because the only time my daughter was with her father was in the afternoon while he was at work but he changed times so I ended up going shopping with some friends) and I posted it to my snapchat story and he viewed it then viewed it, I was going to text him and let him know but my friends told me not to, that if he was interested he would text me first) well, I didn't hear from him at all Saturday and I ended up texting him Sunday afternoon, and he was (to say the least) short with me, not like his usual self and didn't respond to my last text but when on snapchat, finally having enough of not knowing what he wanted and why he was being so short with me but never took the initiative to talk to me, and I was already in a bad mood I made a rash decision and texting him about it and I haven't heard from him in 2 days, I even snapchatted him and he just opened it and didn't respond.. I'm very interested in him, I like him a lot and was looking forward to Friday and still want to, but I'm not sure he does. Is he mad at me because I went out after I told him I couldn't? Do I text him and apologize? Do I ask him if he is mad at me? Do I just do my best and forget about him? ... I can't get him off my mind and I don't know what it is about it him that makes me feel this way- I've never felt this toward someone before. So I need some help on what to do. Please help.. (Attached two images of our very brief conversation that day) What did I do wrong? Please help me someone..?


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  • 1. Don't listen to your friends. They are interested in playing "the game" according to "the rules." However they justify or explain their advice, it is just game playing.

    2. If you had told him beforehand, he would have believed you. Instead, he first found out about it on snapchat and now it sounds like you are making up an excuse to cover yourself.

    3. If there is any possibility of salvaging something here, try this: Message him and tell him that you made a horrible mistake and listened to friends and did not tell him first and you feel truly awful about it. You really do want to spend some time with him because your first reaction was very positive, so to compensate for your egregious lapse in judgment, you want to take him out on a date and it is your treat. --- Maybe this will get his attention.


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  • I would definitely not talk to him anymore. It seems like you're chasing him when it should be the other way around. Is he 19 too?

    • No. He's 24. I turn 20 in 2 weeks so the age gap doesn't bother me or him. He just always sounds super interested in me when we talk. He'll snapchat me first, but won't text me first. I forgot to specify that. but after I went out Saturday night when I told him I couldn't, he got short with me like he was upset with me. Usually he is sweet and flirty. I don't mind texting first, never has been the problem, he seems to kind of have a shy and sweet personality.

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