Has her new boyfriend gave her an ultimatum?

Ok sorry for the long story but it's required - so started catching the train when I noticed some pretty girl which we both locked eyes and it felt really weird instant attraction but weird? Ok so everyday we would stare, look each other down , smile to ourselves , she randomly started getting dressed up , mirroring my actions. So I had an accident couldn't go to work only seen her every two weeks but she would stare from a distance , huff and puff behind me , look shocked to see me ( sad to happy ) . Looking at me in cute ways. I disappeared again then caught it once a month she changed like still stared but started purposely trying to get my attention so I thought ok she's being nice. But then I disappeared again and I noticed she always repeats (hair , makeup ) walk past say hi blush like crazy. Then I disappeared due to work. This time I came back after two months to make my move. Her new boyfriend was there she seemed very anxious and red , aggressive towards him and avoided me. Ok so I decided to not add her on fb but comment on her picture and say hey, you look nice. Then I seen them the following day her boyfriend was trying to talk to me. Noticed they ended up on same carriage as me when he turned the other way she faced me and stared me with the biggest smile ever for ages like she was saying something until of course he turned back around. Then I avoided him and got off a stop early then got back on another and seen them ! Omg then some creepy guy (him tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was ** I said no he said ok I'll leave it then. I said ok? She was stood behind him the whole time smiling really wide lol. Ok then moments after I received a message off her Facebook saying basicly her boyfriend is aware and that she doesn't appreciate my comments then blocked me? Lol did this guy just manipulate his gf?

Update I sent her a nice apology letter (email to her work LinkedIn which she updates often for work ) Which so far hasn't blocked me I basicly said I was sorry and I didn't mean to intrude and that I hesitated to make my moves because I thought she was beautiful and she would look at me in cute ways on which would make me shy. N that due to growing my buisness I disappeared and unable to make my move. I hope in the future we can talk to each other


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  • I think it's just wise to not talk to her again. It sounds like to me she was the one disrespecting her relationship by play games with him, just to see how you would reaction. She is the type that loves attention, and her boyfriend caught on to what she was doing behind his back. So she was forced to stop it, or he was more and likely break up with her. She didn't want that to happen so she blocked you. She is the disrespectful one. She obviously didn't like being told what to do or how to handle herself. The point is that he more and likely wasn't doing that and she took it as him trying to control her. The point is this. When your married or in a relationship with someone, respect them. Respect their boundaries and their desires for the relationship. You don't like it? One word for you: Leave. If I was a guy and was her boyfriend, that's what I would have told her. And if she still don't like it, too bad, so sad, that's life, deal with it. If she was still so infatuated with you, she should have waited to see what will happen. BUT. Obviously she couldn't wait for a boyfriend, she had to have one now. So her problem. Just don't get involve in something like that. The moment you knew she was seeing s. o else, you should of cut the ties right there. Save you the trouble, the confusion and the stress.

    • She waited 12 months and I have the impression I didn't like her back so she got a new boyfriend but you are 100% correct.

  • She is not interested in you. She's with someone.

    • I know but some of her reactions was weird like that big smile and everything. Obv I respect her wishes but I its my fault she was trying for months. But came back lol

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