Would it be fine to hangout with other boys alone if you're in relationship? We're just friends, and vice versa would it be fine for boys?

  • Yes girls can hangout with boy friends alone
  • No girls can't hangout with boy friends alone
  • Yes boys can hangout with girl friends alone
  • No boys can't hangout with girl friends alone
  • Yes they both can hangout with girls/boys alone
  • No they can't hangout with girls/boys alone
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Do you mean, just you and one other guy who's not your boyfriend? Or do you mean just you and a group of other guys?

    You can hang out with whoever you want to, really... But what's the context? Is it hanging out with a friend who's a guy and playing videogames or going shopping? Are you going to be at home alone just watching a movie? Going out for dinner together?
    Does your boyfriend know this other guy?
    What are the intentions of the guy you're going to be hanging out with?

    I think a potential problem would be if the other guy that you're hanging out with has different plans or intentions than you... If you're happily in a relationship with your boyfriend and have no desire or interest in anything sexual or romantic with this other guy friend, but he's crazy about you and wants you to be his, then there could be problems.
    Partly for this reason, if your boyfriend doesn't know the guy you want to hang out with, fear of the unknown (rational or irrational) might cause your boyfriend to be jealous or bothered.

    I think the answer to this question is one you'll need to figure out for yourself and your boyfriend.

    Look at it this way though: Flip the situation around and lets say your boyfriend wants to hang out with a female friend of his, alone.
    How does it make you feel? What are your fears, concerns, or worries? Under what conditions would you be comfortable with him being with another girl all alone, and what conditions make you uneasy?

    • It would be just me and one guy going out to workout, he's been one of my best guy friends for almost 6 years and my boyfriend is friends with him too, would it be weird? This guy has no intentions of doing anything with me, we are to too brotherly and sisterly like, but I guess I wouldn't like my boyfriend hanging out with other girls alone

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    • I will talk to him, just out of curiosity though if this guy friend did like me, and I knew that and so did my boyfriend would it still be wrong for me to hangout with him alone? And vice versa would it be wrong if my boyfriend hung out with a girl that liked him alone?

    • I'm curious why you're curious... does this guy you're talking about have a crush on you or something?

      It adds an extra element of complexity to the situation, now it shifts from him thinking
      "I've known that guy for years and I know she's not even his type, I know they're just hanging out as friends and nothing funny is going to happen"
      "This guy's had a thing for her since before we were together even, he's probably going to be trying to impress her or be flirty with her and might even see how far he can get her to go physically, and what happens if she starts to like him back or responds positively to his advances?"

      If this is the case and you know that it's not REALLY 100% "strictly friends" in both directions, then maybe it's wiser to just avoid the situation completely and limit your interactions with this guy friend to when you're with other people you can trust.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I would be very uncomfortable if my boyfriend were to hang out with another girl alone, and thus I do not hang out with other boys alone.

    The only time I would, would be if:

    A.) He hangs out with another girl alone so I'm making things "fair"

    B.) I have no other choice (e. g, others leave the room and its just me and him and for whatever reason I can't leave. However, I don't see how this would happen and I probably wouldn't really hang out with the guy anyway but just go on my phone or something).


    C.) The guy is not someone my boyfriend would have to worry about as a potential threat anyway since it would be a guy from my family or too old for me such as a grandpa figure or something like that.


What Guys Said 2

  • Each boyfriend is different - Most would be cool with you having male friends and hanging out alone with them - It is a trust issue mainly between BF/GF

  • I'd trust my girlfriend


What Girls Said 2

  • They can both hangout with girls/boys alone. They're not being disloyal and as long as they still spend more time with their partner and their relationship, then there's no real issue.

  • I'd end a relationship with a guy who hung around with a girl who was a friend, if it was on his own. It's nothing to do with trust issues. It's about setting boundaries within a relationship. I view it as disrespectful. I couldn't be happy in a relationship with a guy like that. I'd leave him and wait for a guy who had similar boy boundaries and standard's as mine

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