What should I say to him now?

Since its summer for me I don't see the guy I like all the time anymore. For this week I will be seeing him everyday. What should I say to him now? Please help me guys and girls!


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  • Just be friends and don't read too much into how often you're seeing each other. It's better for him to want to see you more often and sometimes that takes being apart so that he can begin to 'miss you'. Don't freak out if he doesn't even notice though, it's a guy thing. Good luck and just enjoy hanging out together.


What Girls Said 1

  • well,

    if it's been a while since you've seen him,

    take it slow.

    ask him about his life nowadays,

    what he does for fun,

    how he's been.

    what's new, etc.

    then, you know, talk about how your life is going,

    (but don't babble on about yourself.)

    slip him hints that you like him.

    don't be like "YO I LIKE YOU."

    but flirt with him, smile a lot, etc.