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This guy I like (he likes me back), we have been talking for 3 months. He says he wants to wait for a relationship, but I want to date him now. I want to make out with this guy! He may have quirky things like an obsession with Pokemon and video games but I love him just the way he is. He may never respond to my texts but I still like him. What do I say to convince him to go out with me?

  • Ask Him Out Again
  • Nothing
  • Talk to him
  • Other (explain)
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  • Okay duuuudet I literally went through the same thing, almost exact, but we know each other for 2 years and were close friends for a year. He broke up a girlfriend before telling me he liked me sorta two weeks later. He said he didn't want to start dating yet till we hit the 8th grade which is fully understandable. He's literally like the guy you described. Honestly, if you really liked this guy, then you'd wait for him. That is, if he's uncomfortable with dating currently. But if he's not and just want to wait, you either ask him again or you respect that decision and wait. Honestly he'll come to you soon, I mean my guy did. c: don't rush things. You're under 18, just let time take its course. But you really should use this time to get closer to him. c:

    • I can wait! I'm DETERMINED ❤️!!! But I have no patience what so ever. I am very close to him and we are actually going into 8th grade. He wants to wait 3 years 😒. I don't know what I should do m8!

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    • Personally I'd rather ask him out lol, he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life and is worried. He such a cute frustrated boy man thing lol. So I understand!

    • DEN GO GET YO BOOTHANGGG XD But if he still rejects the offer, you know to wait. c:

  • Say nothing. Leave him alone. It's only been 3 months and you're wanting to kiss him? Give him some space.

    • I meant we liked each other for 3 months I've known him a year and a half

    • Then that's understandable...

    • Should have phrased it better

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