He won't take the hint?

One of my good friends has started hitting on me recently I have told him I would like to just stay friends that I don't feel the same he said friends wss good he would stop but he hasn't. I like another guy and have been trying to work on things with him and ask him out finally problem is h they are friends. The guy flirting with me knows but he thinks we are just having fun and messaging around he doesn't think Im serious about his friend. Should I just tell him I am serious about his frienand want to ask him out? Could really use any help and advice please.


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  • Have you said those words to him or have you just hinted that you want to stay freinds?
    You need to say that your not interested in him and that you want to just stay freinds. Also tell him that your not interested in a date with him.
    If he does not listen then try to hang out with him less. When he asks why tell him he was getting creepy in his pointless pursuit of you.
    Don't bring up his freind into it. That will only complicate matters for now.

  • Lol what? I'm confused. Just tell him straight out boyo I'm not into you. Didn't get what else you were saying tho.


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  • ... One of my good friends has started hitting on me recently...
    The Writing on the wall and All here, dear, is showing me that your Good Friend is perhaps being Territorial because he Most likely Does think down inside you are Not taking him Himself for A Ride, that You are really... Serious about his friend. He is Probably purposely trying to get your attention so you don't "Forget about Him" let's Say, and this is Reason for Monkeying around.
    Ignore him and just go about your own life Now Somehow. Stay civil, no need more to talk to him about Anything. When he Sees that you are making a Life for Yourself by Becoming Friendly with 'His Friend,' then he will Take the Hint.
    However, like Girls with a Pinkie swear, Buds as well, do make Pacts to Steer Clear of Another's 'Good Friend.' I hope this doesn't put a Monkey wrench into anything.
    Good luck and Go Slow with Both Joe. xx