Girl rejected me moving away, should I ask her out one last time?

There was a girl I went on a first date with few months ago, it was fun, but when I asked her out again, she said she was emotionally unavailable, because her ex boyfriend was trying to get her back and she was confused.

When we were together, she told me she will be moving out of the country for good this winter. Do you think I should ask her out one last time before she leaves?

I still like her even though I walked away after she rejected me.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Considering she's moving away, I'd just walk away with my dignity and move on from her

    . I'd never pursue someone who rejected me once. You'd just be setting yourself up for another rejection. She is aware you like her , so it's now up to her to make the next move and pursue you if she's interested

    • Do u mean that if she wants to, she'll ask me out to a farewell? Cuz we used to be friends before we dated.

    • She's leaving so if she wanted to stay in contact , you'd know it. You could contact her and ask to stay friend, but if she's rejected you once you'd need to be prepared for a second rejection

    • I get it. I'll forget about her, unless she makes a move to make herself not be forgotten.

  • There's no point. She'll be busy trying to get her life ready for the move. You should redirect your attention into something/someone else.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yea, everything about this sounds like you should just move on.


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